The IBB Presidential Forum is an academic social networking platform that connects individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographies, coming from a variety of sectors, including private, public, non-profit, military, and academia with a shared interest in public policy analysis, leadership and presidential studies, particularly, a special interest in fostering discussions and research on a diverse range of historical, political and economic issues reflecting the legacy of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and his era as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As a part of the IBB Presidential Library, the Forum provides dynamic and friendly features that enable users to share articles, videos and photos. They could also post updates and interact with other members through groups and forums for questions and answers, personal walls, announcement of events as well as posting of jobs and regular blog entries.


The IBB Presidential Forum serves as an international platform where engaged citizens, scholars, students, media representatives and government officials gather in a spirit of nonpartisan consensus to research, reflect and report on issues of importance to Governance. It is designed to best serve students and scholars who want to share research ideas with fellow researchers; educational institutions that want to exchange educational projects and ideas; educational companies that are looking for partners to advance innovations for business and human development; and individuals who have the desire and capacity to take their leadership strengths to a higher level in order to help their communities with the practical skills needed to drive solution-oriented actions.
You can help us make this community even better by posting updates, asking and answering questions as well as uploading learning resources.


"The single most important reason why I consider this site timely and necessary is that the thoughts gathered here shed light not only on our modest contributions to national development in the years of military service to the nation but also provide insights into our private reflections on the Nigerian idea in the past two decades. Variously, the thoughts reproduced here are attempts to account for our stewardship and share our fears and hopes with a nation and a people that one owes so much."

"As always, I remain committed to the Nigerian idea. It is an idea that has continued to evolve and transform itself over time. We have gone from “a geographical expression” to an indisputable important component of the international equation. We have propelled the Nigerian idea from a rallying voice of freedom for all Africans in the days of colonial domination to an agent for the restoration of the dignity of the black man in the years of Apartheid in South Africa. The Nigerian idea has been projected abroad as an instrument of international peace and an agent of stability in the continent and in our sub region. We have deployed the Nigerian idea in the service of stability in neighbouring countries where the ambitions of a few have inflicted the blithe of civil strife to threaten the survival of many."


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